To celebrate World Gin Day, 48 Flavours and Adelaide Gin have created the ultimate gin & yozu cocktail to be made whenever you want (because to us, it’s World Gin Day everyday).

To celebrate World Gin Day on June 13, two local Adelaide businesses, 48 Flavours and Adelaide Gin have joined forces to create a delicious gin and Yuzo cocktail recipe.

The gin and Yozu cocktail recipe is made with 48 Flavours’ refreshing Korean lime Yozu flavoured ice cream, paired with Adelaide Gin’s Classic dry gin with juniper dry characteristics overplayed with floral notes of lavender rose and coriander.

This recipe is perfect for people to create and enjoy in the comfort of their own home, everyday of the year because in our minds, it’s World Gin Day everyday.

The Recipe
(Serves 3)

3 scoops of 48 Flavours Yuzo Sorbet
3 shots of Adelaide Gin’s Classic dry gin
1.5 cup of Chios Gardens Natural Pink Lemonade
1 orange (juiced)
2 tablespoons honey (Blend and serve)

Garnish with orange rind and lavender

The award-winning, Adelaide Gin is a celebration of craftsmanship, culture and lifestyle. This sophisticated gin is artisan small batch distilled and uses local botanicals to capture the spirit of a beautiful city.

Delivering juniper dry characteristics, this classic dry gin is overlaid with floral notes of lavender, rose and coriander. Hints of lemon are brought out by cardamom, complementing the rich and complex underlying spices.

Kangaroo Island Lavandula angustifolia delivers a subtle and delicate lavender profile, which helps reflect the unique spirit of South Australia.

Adelaide Gin’s Classic dry gin is distilled in SA, and can be purchased for $75 per bottle at

48 Flavours Yuzo ice cream is available at all 3 stores.

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