Offering a great range of gelatos and sorbets made fresh daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 48 Flavours offer dairy and sugar free options?

Yes, we certainly do! Our sugar free Chocolate Sorbet is made with Stevia, and we are currently expanding our sugar free range. We have a vast Sorbet range! All of our sorbet fruit flavours are dairy free and have over a kg of fresh fruit per tub. We also have a variety of flavours made with Almond, Coconut and Soy Milk. See our Menu (Our Famous Flavours) to view our flavours.

Does 48 Flavours sell ice cream cakes?

48 flavours have a variety of premium ice cream cakes (dairy + dairy free options) available in all stores. Customised cakes may also be ordered for any event/occasion in a range of styles and sizes. Please call any of our store locations for more information.

Is 48 Flavours a Franchise?

48 Flavours currently has 3 store locations in South Australia, all of which are family owned and operated. 48 Flavours does not wish to Franchise at this time.

Does 48 Flavours Manufacture to restaurants/café’s?

48 Flavours gelato can be purchased at any of our three store locations. We no longer wholesale to restaurants/café’s.

How do I apply for a job at 48 Flavours?

If you are interested in working with the team at 48 Flavours, please email your resume to:

For any further enquiries please send an email to or contact us online.


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We source our fresh product from local South Australian shops.